Our Objectives

Upholding The Global Standards Of Environmental Health

The Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors (JAPHI) is the Organisation with the mandate to protect and enforce the interests of Jamaica’s Public Health Officers.

Public Health Officers

Our objectives and goals are

  • The advancement of the science and practice of environmental health in Jamaica.
  • To ensure that individuals meet requirements for professional registration as mandated by the Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM).
  • To evaluate the core curriculum of professional training programs being offered to Public Health Inspectors/Environmental Health Officers.
  • Police the profession to ensure that the highest level of professional and ethical standards are upheld.
  • To establish and maintain international links with environmental health associations/agencies to provide a medium for exchange of information and experience.
  • To serve as the collective bargaining agent for P.H. in the public sector.
  • To ensure that the employers of Public Health Inspectors/Environmental Health Officers adhere to sound Industrial Relations Practices.
  • To defend members who are unfairly/unjustly treated by their employers.
  • To promote a spirit of friendship, cooperation and networking among members.

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